Air Conditioning Sales

Here in Cherryville, NC, we understand having pride in our work. We know that the people who live around here expect the best and are willing to do their best in return. We are proud to be a part of such a great community and we want to be sure that you realize how much work we put into everything we do. For you. For your family. For everyone in the area.

David Hopper Heating & Air has a number of things to offer you and your loved ones. We work with air conditioners, furnaces, and all things that relate to the two. We can do everything from installing heat pumps to warm up your house a bit to doing routine furnace maintenance. We can make things easy for you by offering air conditioning sales, bringing over the right solution for your specific situation.

We offer not only the best products and the most skilled installers in the area, but we also put a huge emphasis on customer service. Our team is capable of handling any problems that arise, big or small, and are tasked with being sure you are happy when all is said and done. Our job, ultimately, is to be sure you get what you need in order to fully enjoy your home or office. 

Whether you need us to bring over some equipment for air conditioning sales or you need some quick furnace maintenance done, we can provide it. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know what you need. We can take on your project and have it going before you know it.

So, enjoy and support local businesses, Cherryville, NC. Stop by and find out what we do. We love having you as our neighbor and we’d love having you as a customer and friend as well. Thanks!

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